【FUN88乐天堂】【键盘侠】利拉德“忠诚论”终遭反噬 占了便宜还阴阳怪气?😶

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【键盘侠】利拉德“忠诚论”终遭反噬 占了便宜还阴阳怪气?😶

[D.Lillard] "My loyalty is my biggest flaw..i’m too solid for this weird ass era"

It seems that all the moving around in the league recently hasn’t gone unnoticed for Dame… Gotta give it to Dame, staying loyal in this era is surely the hardest thing to do. What do you think?




[–]Bulls CliftonCastle 145 指標 8小時前

Dame Lillard is such a loyal guy.

-Dame Lillard


[–]Lakers ty_kanye_vcool 57 指標 9小時前

Dame and his girlfriend had to struggle a while before he proposed because he automatically thought that anyone with a ring was being disloyal


[–]freddy sbbiq 2847 指標 9小時前

"so what are your strengths"

"ah you see my flaws are my strengths"



[–]cryogenichrich45 856 指標 9小時前

Sounding like me at job interviews “biggest weakness is I’m a perfectionist” headass


[–]Smekledorf1996 242 指標 9小時前

“My biggest weakness is that I care too much”


[–]Lakers ty_kanye_vcool 333 指標 9小時前

My biggest weakness is that I’m never gonna quit this job at this stupid-ass failing company


[–]Unlikely Growth 1015 指標 9小時前

Dame is the kinda cat that is a fan favorite but gets murdered in the first season of Game of Thrones


[–]techacct56k 334 指標 8小時前

Lillard the kinda dude in horror movies that helps someone get a boost up and gets himself caught by the killer


[–]Magic dr_pepper50 711 指標 9小時前*

Dame when he hasn’t mentioned how loyal he is in 10 minutes


【键盘侠】利拉德“忠诚论”终遭反噬 占了便宜还阴阳怪气?😶

[–]Nets LiaM_CS 34 指標 9小時前

Dame was born in the wrong generation smh


[–]layupgod 51 指標 10小時前

I respect Dame’s loyalty but I also respect a player’s right to go where he wants in free agency.


[–]Nets brook_lyn_lopez 149 指標 9小時前

I like Dame but this is super corny. You expect this kinda quote from an angsty teen or middle aged suburban mom.


[–][CHI] Brian Scalabrine CoachDT 57 指標 9小時前

Dame so insecure sometimes lmao



[–]dropdatdurkadurk 963 指標 10小時前*

Dame Lillard: it’s not honorable to team up with star players. I gotta remind everybody how loyal I am spending my prime years on a non title contender and make sure everybody realizes how I’m like nobody else. It’s so much cooler to pretend you can win a title with CJ McCollum


[–]Heat ythug 93 指標 10小時前

last line got me lol


[–][MIL] Jrue Holiday kd-is-not-a-snake 155 指標 9小時前*

“I’m too solid for this weird ass era” is waayy too unecessary and conceited


[–]Thanosforeal 58 指標 9小時前*

He’s throwing shade at any star that’s ever moved teams by doing that

Like there are some situations when it’s ok to leave a team lol. I hate lebron and don’t blame him leaving Cleveland either time.



【键盘侠】利拉德“忠诚论”终遭反噬 占了便宜还阴阳怪气?😶

[–]Grizzlies EatDeeply 1309 指標 9小時前

He walks a perilous line between both “being real/not sweet” and also wanting a lot of attention from the media


[–][CHI] Brian Scalabrine CoachDT 703 指標 9小時前

Yea lmao. He talks as much shit as all the “sensitive” or “insecure” guys we hate on.

He just hasn’t won enough for people to hate him yet.



[–]Thanos foreal 439 指標 9小時前

He talks shit passive aggressively like he’s so much better than everyone else cause he decided to stay with his first team his whole career. Like ok dame and where did that get you?

I’m all for loyalty in this era but don’t throw shade at other dudes for leaving to win a ring. Be loyal and go about your business. Giannis doesn’t go around talking about it constantly. He signed his extension and that was that.



[–][CHI] Brian Scalabrine CoachDT 157 指標 9小時前

Yeah. If he had a ring and was talking like this that would be one thing。

Never in the Damian Lillard era has this team even been a contender. Their crowning achievement of making the conference finals was them getting swept by the warriors WITHOUT KD.

I’m not trying to go in on dude but it’s just silly. He’s the Reggie Miller of our era, he should stay in his lane here.




【键盘侠】利拉德“忠诚论”终遭反噬 占了便宜还阴阳怪气?😶

[–]Pacers MindofShadow 49 指標 7小時前

Reggie made 5 conference finals (one of them pushing 69 wins Bulls to MJ’s only game seven) and a finals when he was the best player on the team. And made another conference finals when he was a role player.

I kinda get the comparison… but pure team wins wise… Reggie is far beyond Dame here.



[–]LMAOOOOOOOOOOOO101 131 指標 9小時前*

It’s getting a little annoying lol. I like Dame but we’ve heard him say this a million times. Fact of the matter is that he’s in the perfect place of being able to stay loyal to his team and be a top 10 ish player without having any expectations to win. Other players like young Bron and KD didn’t have that luxury, hence decided to leave. The Giannis extension as a 2x MVP with immense pressure to get over the hump was a much bigger deal IMO, and yet we don’t hear him talk about it every two seconds


[–]Bucks yungchigz 93 指標 8小時前

Yeah I fuck with Dame but I couldn’t imagine Giannis talking like this, I do know how much backlash he’d get in the form of ‘you’re the MVP but ain’t done shit in the playoffs’ tho



[–]Mavericks varroth 30 指標 7小時前

Damn this really offended y’all.


[–]Raptors YOIMREALLYHAPPY4YOU 11 指標 7小時前

as much as I’m a Dame fan, say this shit when you retire as a Blazer throughout your whole career… KD said the same shit before the whole 3-1 loss to the warriors thing…


【键盘侠】利拉德“忠诚论”终遭反噬 占了便宜还阴阳怪气?😶

[–]Mavericks Alex_Sander077 47 指標 8小時前

Have you heard he’s loyal and that he doesn’t like super teams? You probably have because he has to remind us every single fucking week. The guy has a massive ego

People like him a lot and fair play to him, but I’ve been off the Dame train for a long time. Guy’s gets a pass for so many things other stars don’t.



[–]Mysterious_Option_55 72 指標 9小時前

“Give me my props for being loyal and convincing everyone each season I can put up huge numbers and will win a championship with CJ McCollum and Terry Stotts. LOOK AT ME NBA FANS!”


[–]Lakers ZenMax1 65 指標 9小時前

I never understood it. The whole narrative in the bubble was that dame was amazing but also that he was disrespected. Everyone was praising him and he would make a bucket and yell “put some respect on my name”. Everyone respects dame!! Stop pretending like he’s not


[–]Rockets mdzealot 532 指標 9小時前

if you’re fine never winning a championship that’s cool but you don’t have to bring it up every 5 minutes lol


【键盘侠】利拉德“忠诚论”终遭反噬 占了便宜还阴阳怪气?😶

[–]Suns 123 指標  Stormdude127

I don’t think he is fine never winning a championship, but he knows it’s too late to go back on his decision. That’s why he keeps bringing it up, he wants to convince everyone (including himself) that he’s totally cool with never winning a championship.


[–]Rockets PonchoHung 18 指標 4小時前

It’s too late to go back on his decision

The man is 30. He’s not exactly a dinosaur.


[–]Warriors WorkingContext 32 指標 6小時前

He’s putting himself in a box too, he literally can’t leave or else he’d be a hypocrite


[–]Suns HarukiMuracummy 194 指標 8小時前

He absolutely deserves to be roasted if he ever leaves. Even if its during the twilight of his career and Blazers are awful.

He chose to make this his entire brand



[–]91jumpstreet 432 指標 9小時前

i love how Dame acts like getting $200 million to remain ringless with 0 pressure is somehow honorable


【键盘侠】利拉德“忠诚论”终遭反噬 占了便宜还阴阳怪气?😶

[–]Guwop25 200 指標 9小時前

Don’t forget never playing defense with 0 criticism from his teammates or coaches


[–]Deep FuccingValue 167 指標 9小時前

Or have one of the most embarrassing playoff series of all time vs the Pelicans and no one ever brings it up.

But sure, Dame should want to go to the Lakers or Nets and be put under a microscope




[–]Suns epicblitz 29 指標 9小時前

Dang what the hell everyone turning on Dame in this thread lmao


[–][NYK] Mitchell Robinson Summerzz1 21 指標 7小時前

This sub is just hate hate hate. Ya are so pathetic.


[–]Elephant_Financial 22 指標 8小時前

Well at least there’s this thread for the next time someone says “dame never gets any hate”


[–][ATL] Dominique Wilkins AlBoumPhoto 206 指標 9小時前

Dame saw the supermax dollar signs, others saw the potential of silverware. Live and let live.


[–][LAL] Kostas Antetokounmpo LAtotheA 16 指標 8小時前

What the hell is this thread lmao. Were these all the people waiting to come out the wood works to hate on Dame?


[–]Responsible Warthog10 119 指標 7小時前

This entire post is one of the wildest circlejerks i’ve seen in a while


【键盘侠】利拉德“忠诚论”终遭反噬 占了便宜还阴阳怪气?😶

[–][CHI] Tyrus Thomas greghardysfuton 78 指標 6小時前

I mean I like Dame and legitimately respect the loyalty and hate the superteam era, but I’m not surprised to see the reaction here and feel some of it myself because he takes every opportunity imaginable to remind everybody all about it. Was everybody here just waiting to hate on Dame or was Dame just waiting to randomly bring up how loyal he is for the millionth time? Lol


[–][BOS] Paul Pierce freerealestatedotbiz 82 指標 8小時前

Maybe if dudes didn’t keep conspiring to build superteams, loyal players like Dame would actually have a shot to win a ring


[–]NBA HitboxOfASnail 55 指標 6小時前

What if i told you…superteams have always existed?

You could trace the history of the NBA back for like 4 decades and there has only ever been like 1 or 2 teams that could ever win it all in a given year. There are eras of dynasties successively as far back as you care to look, with only random teams like the 2019 raps and the 2011 mavs sprinkled here and there.

Lets not act like basketball is some great parity sport. This isnt new.











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